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Copyright of images on this site

All images on this web site with the exception of 3rd party logo devices are the property and copyright of Subject2Light, a trading name of designbase. As such all images are protected by intellectual property laws including laws relating to copyrights, trademarks, tradenames and other similar rights.

Copying or the creation of a derived work (including photographic reference for artists) from any image on this site is prohibited unless you have first entered into a License Agreement or have otherwise received written permission from Subject2Light.

If you are in any doubt, or would like to discuss opportunities for use of images from this site please contact us.

Image Information

Images available directly through this website are provided in 8-bit (Adobe RGB 1998) JPEG files.

Image sizes

Images available directly through this website are available in up to five sizes as follows:

Description Size
(min pixels)
Typical Uses
Poster 4960 x 3508 A3 ( @300dpi )
Double Page Spread, Cropping an area of an image
Posters & Display Stands printed at lower resolutions
Large 3508 x 2480 A4 ( @300dpi )
Full Page Print, Corporate Brochures, Magazine Covers
Medium 2480 x 1748 A5 ( @300dpi )
Half/Part Page Print, Fan-fold Brochures
Small 1800 x 1240 A6 ( @300dpi )
6x4" Postcards, Photo Inserts
Screen 900 x 640 Screen Media
Layouts, Multimedia, Web Design

The information panel will indicate which sizes are available for the image(s) you require.

The pixel dimensions given above are a minimum size provided at the size specified - any variation will be over the size quoted.

Photos held with external agencies

Where links to agencies are provided there may be some variations in the exact pixel dimensions and file formats available due their own image-processing procedures. In these cases the sizes shown on this site are for guidance only and you should consult the image detail pages on the linked website.